Internoise 2013 – Grant reception and paper presentation

This year’s Internoise 2013 took place in Innsbruck, Austria, which is 2h from Salzburg, my hometown. It was a huge succes for me, not only that I received a grant from the I-INCE but also because of the great responses I received on my paper on Theme Park Acoustics and their soundscape (see here).

As austrian representative of the young acousticians network (YAN) I was responsible of organizing a night out in Innsbruck. Doing a lot of online and oral propaganda, the expected number of attendees, 15, could have been raised to 50 people from all around the world (Venezuela, Columbia, Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, UK, Spain, Germany, Austria…)!! Especially thanks to Jamilla Balint for her help. This is what makes conferences so attractive to me, so many equally minded young people meeting each other having one or … beers!

See here some photos: